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Our Core Values

Process Driven

We will utilize advanced tools available to us to construct an asset allocation* for your portfolio that aims to provide the least amount of acceptable risk toward addressing your needs.

*Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss.


Bautista Wealth Management, LLC is not under any obligation to favor any investment product or service over another. The advice you receive is objective and designed to be in your best interest. Our only obligation is to you.

Tax Efficient

We strive to help you avoid unnecessary capital-gains exposure and to make investment decisions coordinated with your tax professionals.

Fully Integrated

Today’s investors manage a complex matrix of sources including Individual Retirement Accounts(IRA’s), 401(k) plans, taxable investments, annuities, insurance policies and bank accounts. With your approval, we can work with all of your providers aiming to make sure that your investment plan stays on track.

Performance Monitoring

With our firm’s reporting capabilities, you will know exactly how your portfolio has performed over the past quarter and year to date so you will always know where you stand.

Accountable To You

We provide our services using a variety of fee based and standard brokerage accounts depending on the needs and wants of the client. No two clients are alike so we tailor the type of account on a case by case basis.